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1. one’s mother (especially as a child’s term):
“come and meet Mama”

We hear this term all the time- Mama. It is often something a child says to the woman in their life, that is THE most important to them. The woman they look up to, trust, love, reach out for, their everything! Mama is love!

I am a mama to three amazing little ladies. I mean the world to them, because I give them my all! I put myself and my needs on hold many days because they are my everything and I want the best for them. But lets face it, we get lost and forget who we are some days. We hear this all the time from mothers. Their identify is “only” found within their kids. But does that have to be a bad thing? Or can it be something we embrace and be joyful in! My identify is my babies; at least for now. All too soon those little arms that still want to wrap themselves around me, will want to be independent and free of my hugs and kisses. They will always love me, but right now I get 100% of them and I am so grateful that I am Mama!

The work we are doing is so very important. The lessons we pass down, the love we give, the time we spend, it is all helping to make these wonderful little beings, amazing adults! The work we do is often thankless. It is long. It is tiresome, but man isn’t it rewarding!? Even after the millionth “one more kiss” that seems so daunting, how amazing to know they love us that much!
We are leaving a legacy for our kids, wrapped up in memories and moments they will hold deep down within their souls.

However the one thing often we are missing is the visual proof that we existed in our kids lives. Aren’t we always the ones behind the camera, trying to capture those perfect moments. Trying to soak up all the digital evidence of their childhood. But where are we? Where will our kids find us in those images?? For the most part, they won’t.
Even for me as a photographer I fall SO short in allowing myself to be IN those images. I get too wrapped up in needing the perfection, that I forget what is truly important. Me! Mama!

Isn’t it time Mama’s put themselves into those memories? To leave a legacy of Mama! Book your Mama Lifestyle session today and give your children the gift of you!


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Having recently taken the leap to close my studio space and focus 100% of my time on lifestyle work, has been more than I could hope for!
I knew deep down that God was pushing me in that direction, but change can be scary. We get set in our ways and keeping pushing on! However this session was a pivotal moment for me and I walked away knowing how certain I was, that I had made the right choice!
This session embodied everything I hope for in a client, subject and feeling! They were so full of joy, relaxed in their own home (as they should be) and allowed me to capture them and their newest family member, in a real and heartfelt way.
Being a lifestyle photographer or deciding on a session such as this, isn’t for everyone. But I know that once a family goes down this path, they will see themselves in a new way, adore the unposed moments and see the happiness that real life can offer!
I want to give that to families! I want them to fall in love with who they all are in this moment!



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THIS!! All this….
This is why everyone needs a lifestyle session in their home and for their family!
I SO wish I had moments like this with my little’s to look back on!
Like a deep burning in my soul… I wish I had those images of our simple moments, being silly, when they were so little.
Yes I have my memories and my own stills that I snapped here and there. But I am not in ANY of them. Because I am behind the lens.
What I wouldn’t give to see me face and smile, with the people that have brought such joy and fulfillment to my life!





The more I get to do lifestyle photography, the more it speaks to me…. the more is draws me in.
I love the real moments, the lack of “say cheese” and “look at the camera”.
It is life, as it is and it doesn’t always go according to plan.
We roll with how the day unfolds and I tend to think it puts parents at ease. No expectations. Just what is….
I am not giving up on studio work just yet- but I may lol.

This sweet lady was already 7 weeks old when I got to meet her. But she was certainly as sleepy as any brand new baby I have worked with.
She was so tiny and perfect! This was one of my favorite sessions this year!





In home lifestyle for the win… again!
I just can’t get over how much I enjoy being welcomed into a couples home and allowed to spend some time with them.
This little dude is 6 months old and a total charmer.
I could have taken him home with me…. no really lol


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