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This surprise baby bump I photographed in Centennial was so wonderful! Weather was perfect, light was perfect and clients were perfect! What more could I ask for!?
I am excited to meet him or her very soon and get my baby fix in.
I also adore watching new parents connect, dream, wonder about what this new life will be. The excitement of the unknown is contagious!
My baby days are behind me, but I get to remember with fondness those same feelings with my first baby. Parents let me into these special moments and I can’t help but smile!
I adore what I do! But I also adore what my clients give to me…. a glimpse back into a very exciting time!

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The more I get to do lifestyle photography, the more it speaks to me…. the more is draws me in.
I love the real moments, the lack of “say cheese” and “look at the camera”.
It is life, as it is and it doesn’t always go according to plan.
We roll with how the day unfolds and I tend to think it puts parents at ease. No expectations. Just what is….
I am not giving up on studio work just yet- but I may lol.

This sweet lady was already 7 weeks old when I got to meet her. But she was certainly as sleepy as any brand new baby I have worked with.
She was so tiny and perfect! This was one of my favorite sessions this year!





This is one of my favorite families every!!
But I have a love hate relationship with family sessions, however this one turned it all around for me.
I generally don’t love doing family sessions, because frankly they can be harder then they should be, never go as planned and someone is always crying. I just hope it isn’t me lol.
But since this family is so dear to me, I took them on with joy!
I got the standard “look at me shots” but then I wanted to see more than that. I wanted to see them being real and not focusing on me, but on each other.
It seems so simple. Like and ah ha moment, but getting people to be real isn’t so easy all the time.
But I am finding my grove… and I love it!
What is better than capturing  a moment in time. A glimpse of who you are as a family! That is powerful and everlasting…..



I so wish I was able to do more Fresh 48 sessions. They are so special and so much fun!
I think most people just have no idea what they are and how important capturing those first new moments can be.
They fade so fast! Too fast!!
Before you know it, they are smiling at you and looking around and this big old world and you think to yourself  “did I capture all that newness?”
I know I am guilty of not capturing enough with my babies! It is a regret I can’t undo… that time is gone!
But when I am able to give that gift to other mothers and fathers, man does that feel good!