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Thank you for stopping by! I look forward to making memories for you to cherish for a lifetime! 
The story of who you are, who your family is in this moment in time, is powerful! 
Our childern’s lives, futures, hopes, dreams, are full of possilbilites and adventure. What they leave behind {their legacy} is yet to be defined and determined.
Our children have endless opportuniites ahead of them.They are only young for such a short time and we want to remember each and every small detail. We want to see where they started, so we can look back and see how far they have come! It is a legacy of themselves, before they even knew who they were meant to be. Capture it, breath it in, before it fades away!

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Who am I? I am a Denver Birth & Lifestyle Photographer, wife, mother, follower of Christ, sun worshiper, lover of books (but never had the time to read), obsessed with babies and all things birth, vegan, and overall crunchy. Capturing images, moments in time, LIFE, on film is what drives my soul daily! I love being able to give families, mothers, fathers and children tangible moments, they can look back on with joy. Leaving a legacy of who they were, in a specific moment in time, is priceless!
Future generations will see them and daydream about who they were and smile knowing they are apart of them.

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