Stories from the Ashes

On December 12th 2016 we lost our home to a fire, taking with it our three fur babies! Wallace, Murphy and Wall-E were more then just pets, they were our sweet boys. My sadness over their death is all consuming and full of eternal heartache.
That night was a life altering moment that changed who we were as a family and what our goals in life were.
2017 was spent rebuilding, attempting to heal and finding our happiness again, but it was difficult. The home that we had built 10 year of memories in, the home I became a wife in, had 3 daughters in, filled with all my love and happiness, was gone and no amount of rebuilidng would make it the same… so we let it go.

2018 is one of adventure and deep soul healing for our family. We have taken on a journey of the heart, with our 3 girls, and have set out to see this amazing world we live in. We bought an RV and went tiny! Our motto is experiences over things and it is so true! While I miss my home dearly and all it will filled with, it didn’t make us a family. We would have been a family anywhere. Our family and wonderful memories remain, no matter where we are! Now we just realize we want oh so much more of it! This life is short and amazing- we don’t want to miss another minute!

So we have hit the road to travel the country and we can’t wait to see what we find!
My work has not stopped! It is has just changed and becoming even more meaningful!
I look forward to meeting new families to document along the way and share our story of learning from tragedy.
Follow our journey along the way @stories_from_the_ashes and see what town we are going to next! Perhaps we will be close to you!!!

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